Traditionally stairrods were used to hold a carpet runner in place, however, today’s stairrods are the epitome of quality and style designed to give your staircase a finishing touch that will get noticed.  They can have a dramatic and unique effect from country cottages to contemporary chic restaurants and can be fitted over stair runners or fully fitted stair carpeting.  Choices include

  • Rod types – Plain, reeded and spiral
  • Rod finishes – Polished brass, antique bronze, satin brass, black, pewter, polished nickel, brushed chrome and chrome
  • Rod finials – Traditional, contemporary or, crystal
  • Installation options – Runner, front fix or side fix (no finials)

Which are all a great choice if you are looking for something different to the norm.


Floor Trims

We can supply a range of floor trims also known as:

  • Doorbars
  • Threshold bars
  • Cover strips
  • Carpet trims

These are both functional and decorative giving a clean look finish between two rooms, enabling you to join two flooring types of different heights or levels and also prevents fraying of carpets.

There are many cover strips available in modern finishes that will complement the current trends in luxury home accessories. Brushed steel, nickel or an elegant bright chrome to coordinate with other home accessories, light switches and door handles all ensuring a seamless finish

Door Bar

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