The Hidden Heroes

Installing the correct underlay has a major impact on the overall result of your flooring.

Hard wearing, high density underlays keep your carpet looking good for longer, providing additional comfort and warmth where you need it most.

Invest in Good Underlay

Makes Carpet Look Better

Absorbing shock and enabling your carpet to cushion your feet when you walk and retain its spring for longer.  This prevents the pile from flattening and protects your carpet so it looks newer for longer.

Improved Comfort & Insulation

Cushioning your feet when you walk, the thick materials block cold air and provides an extra barrier to retain heat and could cut your energy bills.


Different Underlay for Different Locations

We supply a range of market leading and award-winning underlays which are manufactured from recycled materials and guaranteed for the lifetime of your carpet, offering excellent heat and sound insulation and the best luxurious cushioning within your home.

  • Crumb rubber underlay
  • Sponge rubber underlay
  • Underfloor heating underlay
  • Wood and Laminate underlay
  • Floor levelling underlay

We also supply various LVT underlays and laminate underlays designed to provide excellent sub floor preparation, masking minor surface imperfections and helping to prevent the overstraining of joints.  Sub floor preparation times can be significantly reduced by use of a cost-effective solution to instant floor levelling.


Carpet Grippers for a Perfect Install

Often forgotten, but required to fit carpet in all areas, lengths of carpet gripper line the perimeter of the room for carpets to “grip” onto.

All new-builds will require carpet grippers to be installed, and any rooms changing from laminate, tile or vinyl will need them fitted too.

We always carry a stock of carpet grippers in our vans, so if a changing a carpet requires new grippers, we’ll advise at the time.


The Montgomerie Flooring Service

Free Home Visits

At a time to suit your busy schedule

Free Estimates & Planning

To realise your perfect home

Free Flooring Delivery

Delivered by our specialists

Old Flooring Removal

We can lift the previous flooring

Neat & Tidy

Clearing up and leaving packaging, excess and old flooring in manageable sizes for your disposal

Waste Disposal

Low cost options to dispose of all packaging, excess and old flooring for you

Moving Furniture

Low cost option for our teams to clear or move furniture from rooms

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